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Here are some great pictures of mosaics from all over the world; these beautiful pictures are from cathedrals, museums and excavation sites in Milan, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Ravenna and Venice (Italy), Palermo and Monreale (Sicily), and the Hagia Sophia( Istanbul, Turkey).  Please keep checking for newer pictures.

Milan: Mosaics from Sant Ambrogio, the Galleria



Ravenna: Mosaics from San Vitale, Sant Apollinare Nuovo, Sant Apollinare in Classe, Battistero Neoniano, Battistero Ariani









Venice: Mosaics from San Marco, Santa Maria Assunta in Torcello, and Murano









Pompeii: Mosaics from the House of the Faun, House of the Vetii, Villa of the Mysteries, House of the Tragic Poet and the Naples Archeological Museum

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pompe16.jpg (816980 bytes)          napmus14.jpg (830623 bytes)          napmus25.jpg (694188 bytes)          napmus27.jpg (482929 bytes)          pompe17.jpg (860563 bytes)

napmus26.jpg (582201 bytes) pompe29.jpg (549061 bytes) napmus28.jpg (583385 bytes)

Rome: Mosaics from the Galleria Borghese, the Vatican Museum and the Basilica di San Pietro

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Rome: Mosaics from the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore

smmaggiore10.jpg (840905 bytes)          smmaggiore11.jpg (798704 bytes)          smmaggiore12.jpg (788657 bytes)          smmaggiore5.jpg (607085 bytes)

Rome: Mosaics from the church of Santa Prassede

prassede1.jpg (669586 bytes)   prassede2.jpg (849792 bytes)   prassede3.jpg (499799 bytes)   prassede4.jpg (850995 bytes)

prassede5.jpg (743122 bytes)           prassede6.jpg (754117 bytes)           prassede7.jpg (894670 bytes)            prassede8.jpg (936429 bytes)

Rome: Mosaics from the Basilica of San Clemente

sanclem1.jpg (788813 bytes)  sanclem2.jpg (932901 bytes)  sanclem3.jpg (775159 bytes)  sanclem4.jpg (761888 bytes)

sanclem5.jpg (1019225 bytes)             sanclem6.jpg (767217 bytes)             sanclem10.jpg (994307 bytes)

Naples: Floor Mosaics from the Galleria Umberto I - astrological signs (pictures 2 through 5)

umb2.jpg (593936 bytes)    umb3-sag.jpg (583292 bytes)    umb4-taur.jpg (566217 bytes)    umb5-virg.jpg (551031 bytes)    umb6-pisc.jpg (562197 bytes)

Palermo, Sicily: Mosaics from the Cathedral, Palazzo Normanni (Maqueda Courtyard) 

palcat4.jpg (434707 bytes)  norm1.jpg (451864 bytes)  norm2.jpg (493336 bytes)  norm3.jpg (459835 bytes)  norm4.jpg (495318 bytes)

Palermo, Sicily: Mosaics from the Capella Palatina

cappala2.jpg (652833 bytes)      cappala4.jpg (885338 bytes)      cappala5.jpg (848642 bytes)

cappala10.jpg (997348 bytes)   cappala7.jpg (855140 bytes)   cappala11.jpg (326035 bytes)   cappala8.jpg (652943 bytes)

Palermo, Sicily: Mosaics from the church "La Martorana"

palmart4.jpg (423281 bytes)       palmart10.jpg (579657 bytes)       palmart11.jpg (557739 bytes)       palmart5.jpg (528945 bytes)       palmart8.jpg (664301 bytes)

Monreale, Sicily: Mosaics from the Monreale Cathedral

mon2.jpg (526818 bytes)            mon22.jpg (648139 bytes)            mon24.jpg (523670 bytes)            mon25.jpg (715298 bytes)

mon21.jpg (158572 bytes)            mon23.jpg (159631 bytes)

Istanbul: Mosaics from the Hagia Sophia

EmpConstantine.jpg (283506 bytes) Emperor Constantine                                        EmpZoe.jpg (168072 bytes)Empress Zoe 

EmpJohn.jpg (238390 bytes) Emperor John                                                 EmpIrene.jpg (242940 bytes)Empress Irene