Links to resources and other mosaic sites

Anima Ceramic Tile & Mosaic design - site based in Texas, USA, features unique handmade ceramic tiles in multiple colors and glazes, relief tiles and glass mosaic panels.

Art Boards - site based in New York, USA, offers a variety of art, watercolor, canvas panels besides printmaking blocks and other accessories.

George Fishman Mosaics - site based in Florida, USA, featuring a gallery, tutorials based on the indirect-method and several new mosaics from this artist.

Dallas Arts Revue - contains over 500 pages of art in Dallas, including exhibitions, talks, reviews, art opportunities, artist links, etc. Based in Texas, USA. 

Faducci - site based in the USA, features exquisite and whimsical sculptures in cement, steel and mosaic that can be used indoors or outside in a natural setting.

Groutdye Company - offer grout stain and colorants besides being tile and stone restoration and installation contractors. 

Initaly - a truly comprehensive site for anyone traveling to Italy!! Contains information about accommodations, travel information, city/site info, culinary programs, coupled with an excellent staff that helps with problems before you even get there! Based in California, USA.

Monster Mosaics - Offers a large selection of high quality mosaic tiles, tesserae, mirrors, picture frames, plaques, tools, accessories, and much more. They also carry books, grout and other mosaic tools.

Mosaic Art Supply - Offers a large selection of high quality mosaic tiles, Roman mosaic stone, iridium glass tiles, marbles, glass gems and tools. Run by artist Joe Moorman, who has his own creations on display at "".

MosaicSmalti - official US distributor for Orsoni smalti; supplies the whole palette of colored smalti as well as 20 shades of gold. Based in USA.

Mosaic Tile Supply - supplies vintage Italian glass tile, smalti, tumbled glass, china and pottery tesserae, ceramic tiles and tools. Classes available too. Based in California, USA.

SAMA - The Society of American Mosaic Artists is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of mosaic art and the development of mosaic artists through research, education, networking, and presentation. You can join SAMA by visiting this site. - site based in the USA, where you can buy smalti and millefiore, mosaic books, and mosaic tools - excellent service - a  highly recommended site.

Tabularasa - site in Rome, Italy, where you can purchase not only smalti and marble in small quantities, but also several sculpting and mosaic tools - highly recommended.

Xinamarie Mosaici - based just outside of Venice, Italy, this artist offers reasonably priced smalti, marble and other mosaic material besides her own creations.


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